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Hypnotising thousands, including Pop Stars and Influencers, Albino Scotsman, Fraser Penman is an International performer impressing audiences with five star reviews, catching the eye of the press, not just for his standout appearance alone.

Quoted by the press as

"Scotland's answer to Derren Brown"

and frequently featured on radio, podcasts and exclusive media interviews, Fraser knows from first-hand experience the difference a positive mindset can make, having experienced physical, mental and cyber bullying growing up just for looking ‘different’. This left him with no self-esteem or self-confidence. At one point he was so low, he considered suicide as his only option.

That was until he found his passion – hypnosis! Fraser is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, stage hypnotist & mind reader and his five star reviews speak for themselves!

Not only brilliant at his craft, entertaining audiences globally, he also brings a fresh approach to the world of mind reading, hypnosis and psychological techniques.

Breaking down the barriers of the ‘stereotypical’ limited success routes people with disabilities are often faced with, Fraser is the living proof that despite the challenges, you can achieve your dreams and goals.

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